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Chris Clark chris.clark at inbox.com
Fri Aug 8 00:14:00 UTC 2014

Dear Joseph,

The Chaṭṭhasaṅgīti Piṭaka edition (p. 440, line 10) does indeed read “ākiñcaññaṃ nissito hitvā maññaṃ”. The PTS edition notes that several of its Burmese manuscript witnesses read "hitvā". However, the King Chulalongkorn edition in Thai script (curiously, also p. 440, line 10) and the Buddhajayantī Tripiṭaka edition in Sinhala script (p. 328, line 12) both read “ākiñcaññaṃ nissito hitva maññaṃ”.

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Chris Clark
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> I was using the CSCD Pali canon and noticed that in the Sutta Nipata, the
> fourth verse of the Upasivamanavapuccha has the line: Ākiñcaññaṃ nissito
> hitvā maññaṃ. The PTS has, Ākiñcaññaṃ nissito hitva maññaṃ;
> Is  hitvā (long a) a legitimate variant that appears in the Burmese
> version or the Thai version, or is it a typo?
> Thanks!
> -j
> Joseph Walser
> Associate Professor
> Department of Religion
> Tufts University

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