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In thinking about these difficult verses, it is always valuable to take
into account Thieme's 1965 article on the IU<>

>From SARDS3:

Thieme, Paul <>Title:Īśopaniṣad
(=Vājasaneyi-saṃhitā 40) 1-14 Journal:Journal of the American Oriental
Society <>Volume :85
Year:1965Page:89-99Shelf mark:UBT: Ci I 58Collected paper:Thieme, Paul:
Kleine Schriften. Hrsg. von G. Buddruss. Wiesbaden: Steiner, 1971, Band 1:
xv, 412 S.; Band 2: S. 413-815; Band 3: Hrsg. von Renate Söhnen-Thieme.
Stuttgart: Steiner, 1995, ix, S. 816-1278 (Glasenapp-Stiftung 5) Collected
paper page:1, 228-238

Dominik Wujastyk

On 8 April 2014 00:41, girish jha <jhakgirish at> wrote:

>    On Monday, April 7, 2014 10:00 PM, girish jha <jhakgirish at>
> wrote:
>  Dear  Mr Das,
> I  already  read  the Sankarabhasya  on the Isavasyopanisad  and its
> English translation by swami Gambhirananda   [Ramakrisna  Mission].My
> problem is  that what the  following mantra means :
> Andham tamah  pravisanti ye  asambhutim upasate.
> Tato  bhuya  iva  te tamoya u sambhutyam  ratah //ISA-12//
> Swami ji  translates  the view  of Sankara and writes :
> Those who worship the unmanifested(prakriti) enter into blinding
> darkness;  but  those who are devoted to the manifested (hiranyagarbha)  enter
> into  greater darkness.
> Here the problem  arises  :
> 1,what is the import of  the worship of asambhuti-avyakrita [ unmanifest]
> prakriti   and  sambhuti-     karyabrahma[ hiranyagarbha ].Hiranyagarbha
> is mentioned in hiranygarbha Sukta  too where it means  a huge form   of
> paramatma as
> Hiranyagarbhah samavartataagre bhutasya jaatah patir eka aasit.
> .In  this way  hiranyagarbha  has two   meanings. what    import should
> be taken here as authentic?.
> 2.what is the system of said worships  of  avyakrita prakriti and
> sambhuti ?
> In haste I could not use diacritics.
> Regards,
> Girish K. Jha
> Professor
> Dept of Sanskrit
> Patna University
> Patna 800 005
>   On Sunday, April 6, 2014 11:36 PM, alakendu das <
> mailmealakendudas at> wrote:
> Dr.Jha.
> To begin with we must know the definition of Sambhuti and Asumbhati.
> Asumbhati implies KARANA( the causal element) OR Prakriti,wheras Sambhuti
> implies KARYA. Since it's KARYA ,it is liable to be creation/production or
> dissolution/destruction.
> Thus according to this mantra from Isa Upanishad --
> If a person worships or adores asumbhati he would be entering into the
> darkness(i.e Andham Tama Prabishabti) of ignorance.
> If a person worships or adores Sambhuti he would be entering into even
> more( i.e Tatu bhuo eba te tama) darkness of ignornace.
> In fact this sloka implies te difference in approach betwee Karya and
> Karana. Too much reliance on Karya ( the other name of Vidya or Upasana of
> Gods) would lead to a more disastrous consequence than Karana or asumbhati,
> the worship of which leads us to a state of relative Moksha.( whereas
> worship of Sambhuti can at best help us overcome death.) This is reflectied
> in the very next sloka of Isa Upanishad, which says---
> Vinashen Mrityum Tirtya AsunbhatimAmrtyamUshnate.
> This word Vinashen implies Karya i.e Sambhuti.
> Thanking You, ALAKENDU DAS.
> Post-Gradute,Indology.
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