[INDOLOGY] Who is Sumati

Viktoria Lysenko vglyssenko at yandex.ru
Sat Sep 7 08:50:07 UTC 2013

Dear scholars of jaina epistemology and related subjects,
Could you help me in getting some information about the Jain philosopher Sumati who was mentioned by Shantarakshita and Kamalashila in the Tattva-sanghra-Panjika and who is also known as an opponent of Kumarila. I am preparing for publication my Russian translation of the Pratyaksha-pariccheda and I need at least the titles of his works, his dates or whatever information is avilable.
With best regards,
Victoria Lysenko, dr.hab.philos.
Head, Department for Oriental philosophy studies
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Volkhonka, 14
Professor, Russian State University for Humanities

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