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Hock, Hans Henrich hhhock at illinois.edu
Mon Oct 28 01:36:24 UTC 2013

Thanks for your message, George. Apparently the list serve does not like attachments.

Here is the table of contents

Language and linguistics
Hans Henrich Hock: Predicate order in Vedic Prose (p. 5)
Jared S. Klein: Interstanzaic repetition in the Rigveda (p. 18)
Martin Joachim Kümmel: Pāṇini 5.3.5 and the function of Sanskrit etád (p. 39)
Georges-Jean Pinault: About the names of some Vedic poets (p. 57)
Elizabeth Tucker: Compounds of the type vājaṃbhará- and brahmakārá- in the Rigveda and Atharvaveda (p. 78)

Textual criticism and text edition
Shrikant S. Bahulkar: Medhājanana in the Atharvaveda tradition (p. 101)
Ambarish Khare: Aitareya Āraṇyaka and the origin and development of the Mahānāmnī verses (p. 116)
Frank Köhler: Some thoughts on padavī́- and padáṃ véḥ (p. 125)
Nirmala Kulkarni: Textcritical study of the Pativedanāni section of the Kauśika Sūtra (p. 152)
Julieta Rotaru and Shilpa Sumant: A new edition and an annotated translation of the Kauśika Sūtra (p. 162)

Culture, philosophy, mythology
Giacomo Benedetti: The objects and contexts of vision of the Ṛṣis in the Pañcaviṃśa Brāhmaṇa (p. 177)
Mugdha Gadgil: Feminine aspect of the Sun: Vedic, Purāṇic, and popular (p. 195)
Naoko Nishimura: Processing of dairy products in the Vedic ritual, compared with Pāli (p. 211)
Chetna Vibhuti Vedi: उपनिषत्सु वैकश्वानरसङ्कल्पना (227)

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On 27 Oct 2013, at 17:02, George Thompson wrote:

Dear Hans,

Your second email also failed to have an attachment included in it. Perhaps you can cut-and-paste the table of contents?  I am interested to see what went on at that conference.

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On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 5:21 PM, Hock, Hans Henrich <hhhock at illinois.edu<mailto:hhhock at illinois.edu>> wrote:
Dear Colleagues,

DK Printworld just informed me that the proceedings of the Veda Section, 15th World Sanskrit, have come out. (See attached)

Best wishes to all,

Hans Henrich Hock

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