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Dating of the Mahåbhårata War and Mahåbhårata Text and Its Parts

Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajsthan Sanskrita University

An International Seminar on

16-18 January 2014


Much scattered writing exists on the chronology of the Mahåbhårata or of

its important books and sections such as the Bhagavad-gita. No wide-ranging

survey or sustained exploration of the issue of dating the MB or its 
parts has

been attempted in recent times, although such a dating is of crucial 

for constructing the history of ancient India.

The main purposes of the proposed seminar will be (a) to make an attempt

of the suggested kind, (b) to come up with well-supported new 
conclusions and

(c) to submit old conclusions to a critical examination following the 
principles of

sound historical investigation.

Original papers based on different assumptions, following various

methodologies and concentrating on all topics that could ultimately be 
helpful in

creating a chronological frame for the MB are hereby solicited.

The paper presenters should work with primary sources. Writings entirely or

mainly dependent on translations will not be accepted.

The critical edition of the Mahaabhaarata published by the Bhandarkar

Oriental Research Institute, Pune, should be the main basis *as far as 

If the relevant part has been relegated to a footnote or appendix in the 

edition that fact should be mentioned. If the  discussion is useful to 
point out

the specific problems or limitations of the critical edition that should 
be stated

The volumes of the Cultural Index to the Mahaabhaarata being published

by the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute and the volumes, especially

the introductions and notes parts of the MB translation being published by

the University of Chicago Press should be taken into account, as well as 

commentaries in Sanskrit and regional languages of India, to the extent 

would be helpful in dealing with the chosen topic.

Roman transliteration of Sanskrit and other Indic languages should be as

close to the standard international system as possible.

Veeranarayana N.K. Pandurangi
Head, Dept of Darshanas,
Yoganandacharya Bhavan,
Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajasthan Samskrita University, Madau, post 
Bhankrota, Jaipur, 302026. India

अथ चेत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि। ततः स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा पापमवाप्स्यसि।।
तस्मादुत्तिष्ठ कौन्तेय युद्धाय कृतनिश्चयः। निराशीर्निर्ममो भूत्वा युध्यस्व विगतज्वरः।। (भ.गी.)

http://jrrsanskrituniversity.ac.in/ <mailto:jrrsanskrituniversity at ac.in>
<mailto:jrrsanskrituniversity at ac.in>

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