[INDOLOGY] vikira - a body of water?

Vitus Angermeier vitus.angermeier at univie.ac.at
Wed Oct 16 10:49:54 UTC 2013

Dear Colleagues,
I've never posted to this list before but got a lot of great information
by reading Your messages over the last years. Thank you all for that!
I am a PhD-Student at the University of Vienna working on water in
classical Ayurveda.

At the moment I am struggling with the meaning of vikira as it is used in
one instance in the Suśrutasaṃhitā (1.54.4) in a list of bodies of water.
Suśruta tells us nothing about it but the Commentator Ḍalhaṇa explains:
vikiraṃ vālukādi vikīrya gṛhyamāṇodakasthānaṃ
which I understand as "vikira is a body of water which gets visible after
sand was dispersed."

That doesen't help me much at the moment and I couldn't find other
occurrences of the word, which could clarify the meaning.

I'd be very happy about any helpful advices.

Vitus Angermeier

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