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Dear Marco,

If you get "it", I would be interested by the same .pdf. 
In my case, not at first for the the poem (of which I have the text + English  transl. and notes by K.P.A. Menon, Nag Publishers, 1996,  Nine Gems of Sanskrit literature vol. 1), but for Raamapaa.nivaada's commentary.
Of the the Kṛṣṇavilāsa itself, It seems that there is only one edition of the complete text in 12 sargas (on which Menon relies): by K. Jayammal (Ph.D. Thesis of the University of Madras, 1979, under K. Kunjunni Raja, see the latter 1958, p. 196-98, 1980 add. p. xiii), publ. by Higginbothams Ltd in 1982.
The  references I have for the commentary are : 
• Sree Krishna vilasa kavyam of Sukumara kavi / Sri krsnavilasakavyam, with a Sanskrit commentary `Vilasini' by Rama Panivada and English translation, exhaustive notes, etc. by T.K. Ramachandra Aiyar, 3rd ed., Palghat : R.S. Vadhyar & Sons, Sanskrit study made easy series
This popular edition has the first four cantos only.
• An edition of the Kṛṣṇavilāsa (I have note the precise title) published in the Kerala-granthamaalaa Series, Phalgat, 1906-1908, also incomplete (8 sargas only).
A few other editions, without, or with other, commentary/ies are listed in the useful (neglected) L. Sulochana Devi's Historical Survey of Sanskrit Mahaakaavyas [of Kerala], Kanishka Publishing House, 1992, p. 11, but the complete commentary of Raamapaa.nivaada does not appear.
Interestingly, I found in the introduction of another work by Raamapaa.nivaada that "Vilāsinī is intended for the beginners of Sanskrit... is usually prescribed to beginners who study Sanskrit in Kerala".
It is therefore not impossible that Raamapaa.nivaada did not comment the whole text.

If you get "it", I would be interested by the same .pdf. 
Le 14 oct. 2013 à 13:49, Marco Franceschini a écrit :

> Dear Collegues,
> does anyone happen to have a pdf of Sukumāra's Kṛṣṇavilāsa with the commentary called Vilāsinī by Rāmapāṇivāda? I'm trying to identify an incomplete grantha manuscript: it seems to contain parts of that work, but to be sure I need to check the manuscript against the edition.
> Thank you very much in advance.
> Best wishes,
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