[INDOLOGY] Sukumāra's Kṛṣṇavilāsa with Rāmapāṇivāda's Vilāsinī commentary

Marco Franceschini franceschini.marco at fastwebnet.it
Mon Oct 14 11:49:36 UTC 2013

Dear Collegues,

does anyone happen to have a pdf of Sukumāra's Kṛṣṇavilāsa with the commentary called Vilāsinī by Rāmapāṇivāda? I'm trying to identify an incomplete grantha manuscript: it seems to contain parts of that work, but to be sure I need to check the manuscript against the edition.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best wishes,

Marco Franceschini
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University of Bologna
Department of Linguistics and Oriental Studies
via Zamboni 33 - 40126 Bologna - Italy
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