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Even thought these particular castes may not be at the lowest level, a list of 16 such castes listed in a passage from the Garuḍa Purāṇa and cited in the Caturvargacintāmaṇi (Prāyaścitta, p. 38) -- Kane IV: 115 -- take them to be untouchable; they are called Cāṇḍālas living in the village!


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> I earlier wrote: "The listed business communities could have had distinctive turbans or headdresses.< Another possibility is that all of them or almost all of them customarily wore some kind of turban or head covering (not necessarily a distinctive one for each of them).
> The people mentioned are only *relatively* hiina or 'lower, inferior' They are not in the lowest stratum.Having a headdress could have served to distinguish them.
> It is very common in the listed communities even today in India  to have a cap or turban on the head. 
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