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Dear Patrick, in the second quote, read ṛkto instead of ukto. I could  
not trace the exact source, but this is about the prāyaścitta mantras,  
bhūr in the case of the RV, bhuvaḥ in the case of the YV, svar in the  
case of the SV, and bhūr bhuvaḥ svar if it not known which Veda is  
concerned. Cf. AB 5,32; KB 6,12; ŚŚS 3,21,1-6; ĀśvŚS 1,12,31-33. Best  
regards, Asko

Quoting Patrick Olivelle <jpo at uts.cc.utexas.edu>:

> Friend:
> I am trying to identify two citations, one apparently from a smṛti  
> and the other from a Vedic text. These are found in Viśvarūpa's  
> commentary on the Yājñavalkya Smṛti, 1.7 (Trivandrum edition, p.  
> 20). These are cited by an opponent supporting the independent  
> authority of smṛtis: tasmāt svātantryaṃ smṛtīnām ity uktam. Then  
> follows the citations:
> 1. tathā cāha: "agranthakānām arthānāṃ cakāropanibandhanam."
> 2. āmnāyaś ca "yady ukto bhūr" ityādy upakramya "yajuṣṭas sāmata"  
> ity uktvā, "yady avijñātam" ity āha.
> Then he cites a sampradāya: smārtaṃ cāvijñātam iti saṃpradāyaḥ.
> Any help in locating these would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.
> Patrick
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