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Dear Hans,
This is very sad indeed, and it can definitely not be blamed to a lack of
effort and productivity from your side the last so many decades.
I will write to the administrators you mention.
But they too are only reflecting the current Zeitgeist.
How different was the era of Speijer who could "surf" on a widespread wave
of interest (in the world and in the Netherlands) in all things India and
Hence the title of that other book of Speijer's, mainly on Samkhya and
other Indian philosophies:
De Indische theosophie en hare beteekenis voor ons (1910; German
translation in 1914: Die indische Theosophie aus den Quellen dargestellt).

On 23 May 2013 23:38, hans bakker <h.t.bakker at rug.nl> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> After a long uphill struggle, we have finally lost. The board of the
> Faculty of Religious Studies,  backed  by the Board of the University of
> Groningen and supported by the chairman of my department, has decided to
> close the Institute of Indian Studies.
> The tradition of the study of Sanskrit  of more than a hundred years  in
> the Groningen University,
> which was inaugurated by Jacob Samuel Speyer,  will come to an end by 1
> August 2013.
> I have little hope that protests will make any difference. If you feel
> inclined to react, though, this reaction could  be sent to the following
> addresses.
> President of the Board of the University of Groningen, S. Poppema:
> s.poppema at rug.nl
> Dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies, G. H. van Kooten:
> g.h.van.kooten at rug.nl
> Chairman of The Department of  Comparative and Historical Study of
> Religion, Kocku Von Stuckradt:    c.k.m.von.stuckrad at rug.nl
> Hans Bakker
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