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Fri May 17 20:17:09 UTC 2013

Dear Listmembers,

Although the French Vedic scholar Louis Renou in the first half of the
previous century still learned Dutch in order to read work of Willem Caland
in the latter's own language, there is at present no hope left for Dutch as
academic language. English is indisputably "ruling the waves" in academic
discourse, other languages such as French and German are trying to survive
in the same domain.

Sanskrit has now also been recognized, at least de facto/implicitly, as
medium for academic discourse in one of the bulwarks of French
the HALSHS archive.


Click on *fiche détaillée* for a resume of the article -- my recent
contribution to the discussion on Panini and Euclid and the scientific
methods for which they stand -- in the main language of the publication
(here: Sanskrit - in the form of a sragdharaa) and for a summary in French
and some additonal information.

About the Journal in which the article was published:

Āraṇyakam (published from Ara - Varanasi; chief editor Prof. Gopabandhu
Mishra, Benares Hindu University.
(NB: end of June he will again be in Paris for a short visit and also teach
a brief course in spoken Sanskrit).

Category: Journal avec comité de lecture (peer-reviewed journal). Main
language of the article: Sanskrit.

>From the Journal's rules and regulations (‘āraṇyaka’sya niyamāḥ):
4. vimarśātmakā anusandhānātmakāś ca śāstrīyā aprakāśitapūrvā uccastarīyā
gambhīrāś ca maulikā nibandhāḥ prakāśanāya grhyante / ...
5. kāvya-nāṭaka-caritravarṇana-vyaṅgya-hāsyasambaddhā navyā racanā atra
sthānaṁ na labhante.

Members of the editorial committee (parāmarśadātrī samitiḥ) of this
Journal: see colophon.

Jan Houben

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