[INDOLOGY] Site coordinates (again)

Britta Schneider schneider.britta68 at gmx.de
Wed Mar 27 07:23:59 UTC 2013

Dear Dr. Voegeli,

maybe this is of a little help for your search:

Nindowari (also called Nindo Damb) [Nindo 24°38'15.8388''N 69°

Jhukar 26°11'15.8654''N 68°19'17.8064''E

Lohumjo-daro (Lohumjo-daro, near Piaro Goth [railway station 26°
56'54.7472''N 67°48'54.5742''E], not far from the bank of the Indus,
sixty miles to the south of Mohenjo-daro)

Kayatha (Kaytha Village  23°14'11" N76°1'6"E)

The coordinates are found as this in http://wikimapia.org they use the
goggle maps satellite pictures.

Best wishes, Britta Schneider 

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