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Here's one more kind of anecdote: in Lanman's book there is an "advice  
to students", or something similar. When I bought a second-hand  
version of it in Hamilton, Canada, some one wrote in in it clearly by  
hand in bold letters: 'Give up now before it's too late'. It  
encouraged me in my teaching to say: don't give up, just hang on.


Sa, 29 Jun 2013 Peter Wyzlic wrote

> Am 29.06.2013 um 13:32 schrieb Stella Sandahl:
>> Since German wasn't our native language (which of course was  
>> Swedish) there were naturally some misunderstandings - this is an  
>> anecdote for Herman:  Stenzler glosses shakra as "Bein. des Indra"  
>> which we happily translated as 'Indra's leg' and were very  
>> astounded. Siegfried Lienhard patiently explained that Bein. stands  
>> for Beinahme.
> This is also an abbreviation used by Cappeller in his  
> Sanskrit-German dictionary and a constant source of fun.
> On a different anecdotic level, a student who had to translate a  
> sentence into German (from Perry's primer, I guess) got it  
> altogether wrong. The student rendered: śāstrasya kartre pāṇinaye  
> namaḥ with "die Wissenschaft des Handelnden ist die Ehre seiner  
> Hände" (roughly, "the science of the acting person is the honour of  
> his hands").
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