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Am 29.06.2013 um 13:32 schrieb Stella Sandahl:

> Since German wasn't our native language (which of course was Swedish) there were naturally some misunderstandings - this is an anecdote for Herman:  Stenzler glosses shakra as "Bein. des Indra" which we happily translated as 'Indra's leg' and were very astounded. Siegfried Lienhard patiently explained that Bein. stands for Beinahme. 

This is also an abbreviation used by Cappeller in his Sanskrit-German dictionary and a constant source of fun.

On a different anecdotic level, a student who had to translate a sentence into German (from Perry's primer, I guess) got it altogether wrong. The student rendered: śāstrasya kartre pāṇinaye namaḥ with "die Wissenschaft des Handelnden ist die Ehre seiner Hände" (roughly, "the science of the acting person is the honour of his hands").

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