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Stenzler (and Whitney) are used for example today
at the BSOAS in London.



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  Perhaps a general answer seems to emerge: there is nothing like a uniform European answer. 

  A few further points:

  —Stenzler's Grammar has never been used, as far as I know, outside the German-speaking countries
  —Many have used (both as students and as teachers) Coulson's Teach Yourself Sanskrit, possibly integrating it with Whitney and Speijer's Sanskrit Syntax
  —In my personal experience, I used (both as a student and as a teacher) Ashok Aklujkar's An Easy Introduction to an Enchanting Language

  —If you want to have a deeper glance of the issue, you might want to get in touch with Prof. Iwona Milewska, who is —among many other qualities— also a refined scholar of the history of the didactic of Sanskrit (I might send you her address in case you need it)

  Best wishes for your research!

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  On 27/giu/2013, at 16:05, soni at staff.uni-marburg.de wrote:

    When i was at the University of Marburg from 1991-2012 I used Goldman and Goldman for the introductory and Lanman for the advanced course for a start, going on to other texts depending on interest and requirement.

    Hope this helps.

    Wed, 26 Jun 2013 Herman Tull wrote

      In the USA, Lanman's A Sanskrit Reader was, for a century or more, the de

      facto standard for beginning Sanskrit students (this has changed only in

      recent decades with the appearance of Goldman and Goldman, Scharf, Hock,


      Is there an equivalent introductory text that was used in Europe

      (Stenzler?)  Do European Sanskrit students also work with Nala as a first

      text (which I know is found in Bopp, Boehtlink, Monier-Williams, Stenzler,

      and Lanman)?

      Thanks...I'm just looking for a bit of anecdotal evidence here; any

      comments will help.


      Herman Tull

      Princeton, NJ


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