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When i was at the University of Marburg from 1991-2012 I used Goldman  
and Goldman for the introductory and Lanman for the advanced course  
for a start, going on to other texts depending on interest and  

Hope this helps.

Wed, 26 Jun 2013 Herman Tull wrote

> In the USA, Lanman's A Sanskrit Reader was, for a century or more, the de
> facto standard for beginning Sanskrit students (this has changed only in
> recent decades with the appearance of Goldman and Goldman, Scharf, Hock,
> etc).
> Is there an equivalent introductory text that was used in Europe
> (Stenzler?)  Do European Sanskrit students also work with Nala as a first
> text (which I know is found in Bopp, Boehtlink, Monier-Williams, Stenzler,
> and Lanman)?
> Thanks...I'm just looking for a bit of anecdotal evidence here; any
> comments will help.
> --
> Herman Tull
> Princeton, NJ


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