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In Goettingen we used Stenzler. Here in Oso I use Maurer, who also
starts with Nala as a first text, though in the exercises he mainly uses
the Bhagavadgītā. 


Ute Huesken 

On 2013-06-26 23:12, Rosane
Rocher wrote: 

> Although Ludo Rocher taught Sanskrit in French at the
U. of Brussels in the late 1950's, he used vol. 2 (the anthology part)
by Thumb and Hauschild, with notes and vocabulary in German, to
introduce us to Sanskrit texts. It includes Nala 1-5. As you will
appreciate, it worked well. 
> Cheers, 
> Rosane Rocher 
> On
6/26/13 1:09 PM, Herman Tull wrote: 
>> In the USA, Lanman's A
Sanskrit Reader was, for a century or more, the de facto standard for
beginning Sanskrit students (this has changed only in recent decades
with the appearance of Goldman and Goldman, Scharf, Hock, etc). 
Is there an equivalent introductory text that was used in Europe
(Stenzler?) Do European Sanskrit students also work with Nala as a first
text (which I know is found in Bopp, Boehtlink, Monier-Williams,
Stenzler, and Lanman)? 
>> Thanks...I'm just looking for a bit of
anecdotal evidence here; any comments will help. -- 
>> Herman Tull
Princeton, NJ 
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