[INDOLOGY] Ajmer Font, Devanāgarī and Mac OS X

Mrinal Kaul mrinalkaul81 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 19:11:09 UTC 2013

Dear List,

I have some files written using Devanāgari and Roman fonts almost three decades ago. Unfortunately, the font used for writing Devanāgarī is Ajmer that was perhaps used more than a couple of decades ago for writing Devanāgarī on Macintosh. As I open these files on my MacBook Pro (X 10.7.5) I am able to read the Roman script but not the Devanāgarī at all. I understand that the font Ajmer is not compatible with the present versions of Mac. Is there some way I can convert the Ajmer-Devanāgarī files into one of the modern Unicode Devanāgarī fonts ? Or is it that these files can only be read on version 9 of Mac ? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.


Mrinal Kaul

Mrinal Kaul
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