[INDOLOGY] Dharmasastra quotation on upanayana

Martin Gansten martin.gansten at pbhome.se
Mon Jun 10 09:04:19 UTC 2013

Many thanks to Tim Lubin, Patrick Olivelle, Ashok Aklujkar and Elisa 
Freschi for their valuable input. In response to Ashok's suggestion 
regarding the iti clause, from the context it does seem to signal a 
quotation rather than an underlying reason. The quotation occurs among 
several others, all ending with iti. One such concerns the marriageable 
age of a daughter; again, I have only been able to trace the first 
half-verse. The MSS read:

aṣṭavarṣā bhaved gaurī navavarṣā ca rohiṇī gaurī dadyād brahmalokaṃ 
sāvitraṃ rohiṇī daded iti

-- and the printed version:

aṣṭavarṣā bhaved gaurī navavarṣā ca rohiṇī / gaurīṃ dadad brahmalokaṃ 
sāvitraṃ rohiṇīṃ dadat // iti

If anyone should happen to recognize the second half-verse (which is 
obviously a finite verb short), please do let me know.

Martin Gansten

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