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SoRTing and inSeRTing my SeaRches, I'm indeed SuRprised to see how
SARIT is flawlessly flowing into my philology.

Congratulations and thanks for the efforts to lift the e-text from its
current grey status.

When the level of perfection is so high:
- at one place I saw "Rao" instead of "Rau" in connection with VP.
- I regret that words remain improperly joined following devanagari
consonant-vowel mergers as in uktaH and evamuktaH which need to be searched
separately (wildcards possible but leads to other problems: cp. evamuktaH
and compounds with -muktaH).


On 18 December 2012 11:15, Dominik Wujastyk <wujastyk at> wrote:

> Users of INDOLOGY's SARIT service will notice that the front page of the
> service changed today.  Instead of being taken straight to "basic
> search", the simple URL takes you to a SARIT
> home page.  From there you can choose "basic search" if you wish.  Both
> these pages - home page and basic search - were there before, it's just
> that we've swapped them round, so that newcomers to SARIT get a bit more
> initial help and explanation.  In the near future we'll be editing the
> home page to be even more helpful :-)
> Close observers will note that since the addition of the Southern *Mahā
> bhārata*, the library has grown by the addition of Bhartṛhari's *
> Vākyapadīya* and Bhoja's *Rājamārtta**ṇḍa* on the YS.  (Vācaspati's *
> Tattvavaiśāradī* was added last month.) The TEI header files give the
> origins and change-histories of these e-editions.  The Bhojavṛtti is
> interesting in that it's SARIT's first e-text that is a direct transcript
> of a manuscript.
> The texts in SARIT are subject to a quiet but steady process of upgrade
> and correction.  For example, we are aware that there's a problem with the
> display of the Bhīṣmaparvan of the Mbh in its Devanāgarī version.  We'll
> be fixing this in the coming weeks, according to the time available.  All
> such updates and changes to the e-texts are handled through the SARIT Github
> site <>,
>, where the master XML versions of the
> e-texts reside, and are under version control.  Because the e-editions
> are being gradually improved, it is important that when you cite them,
> you include a date and version.  Git makes it possible to retrieve any
> past version of the e-texts, should that be required.  But you do need
> the date.
> Anybody who would like to get involved with editing, correcting and
> improving the SARIT library e-editions is welcome to join in.  Aknowledge of Sanskrit, XML, TEI and
> Git is required.
> SARIT is always imperfect, and those of us working on SARIT are only too acutely
> aware of it.  But the above mechanisms offer a pathway for collaborating
> in the process of improving and enriching the collection.
> Anyone may take the SARIT files and use them in accordance with the CC lic
> ense that governs them.  That means, you can do most things that you can
> imagine, but you must give attribution to the copyright-holders and
> sources of the texts, you can't do anything for commercial profit, and any
> derived version of the files that you may produce must be covered by the
> same CC license (the freedom propagates).  The full details are in the
> TEI headers of each file.
> As always, much gratitude is due to Patrick Mc Allister<>for his hard work and support in maintaining the INDOLOGY and SARIT
> websites, and working on the e-editions.
> Best,
> Dominik
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