Kannada Winter School 2013: Language and Culture of Karnataka (South India)

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*Kannada Winter School 2013: *

*Language and Culture of Karnataka (South India) *

The Kannada Winter School *Language and Culture of Karnataka (South 
India)*, organized by the Chair of Indology, Würzburg (Karnataka Study 
Centre), will take place in Bangalore, Karnataka, from March 4^th to 
16^th 2013.

Kannada -- the Dravidian Language of the South Indian state of Karnataka 
-- is a classical Indian language spoken by more than 60 million people 
today and distinguished by a rich literary history.The course will 
provide an introduction to the Kannada Language through an extensive 
program combining spoken Kannada with reading, writing and grammar 
skills. The students will gain insights into contemporary Kannada. They 
will acquire practical language skills and will learn to apply these in 
realistic everyday situations. Subject to personal effort, students 
should be able to speak basic conversational Kannada and read and write 
the Kannada script after their successful participation in the course.

The course also offers an introduction to the history and culture of the 
Kannada-speaking areas of the Indian subcontinent. In the modern state 
of Karnataka, ancient living cultural and religious traditions, 
significant historical sites and modernity exist side by side. The 
state?s capital, Bangalore, a globalized IT-Boomtown is also called the 
"Silicon Valley of India", whereas the Unesco World Heritage site Hampi 
gives a great impression of the capital of the late medieval Hindu 
kingdom of Vijayanagara, the "City of Victory", whose kings ruled over 
vast parts of South India for around 300 years. Cultural and religious 
traditions include the Islamic culture of North Karnataka, Jainism and 
Hinduism. Among the many religious fairs and festivals throughout the 
year, the Mysore Dasara festivities are famous across borders.

The course is taught by experts in Kannada language and culture:

*Prof. Dr. Viveka Rai *

B. A. Viveka Rai is retired Professor of Kannada Literature and Folklore 
at the University of Mangalore and a Guest Professor at the Chair of 
Indology, University of Würzburg, teaching Kannada as well as courses on 
the culture of Karnataka.

*Dr. Katrin Binder *

Katrin Binder is an Indologist and professional performer of Yakshagana, 
a traditional theatre of Karnataka. She is currently teaching Kannada, 
Urdu and courses on Indian theatre and dance at the Chair of Indology, 
University of Würzburg.

The Kannada Winter School teaching programme is free of cost. Simple 
accommodation at the Bangalore venue of the course will also be provided 
free of cost for the participants. A small contribution will be asked 
for boarding. Participants have to organise and pay for their travel and 
other expenses themselves.

Further details will be circulated to the participants after registration.

*Please register until 4^th February 2013. *


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