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A Festschrift for Dr. Trichur S. Rukmani has recently been published. The publication details of the volume are:
(Title) Classical and Contemporary Issues in Indian Studies: Essays in Honour of Trichur S. Rukmani. 
(eds) P. Pratap Kumar and Jonathan Duquette. 
(Publisher) New Delhi: D.K. Printworld.

The contents are: 

Prof. Trichur S. Rukmani: A Biographical Profile    
Part One
Issues in Interpreting the Yoga Tradition
1. Reading the Fourth Pada of Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutra 
— Christopher Key Chapple
2. Rethinking Prajna: Yoga-Sutra 1.49 under a Philosophical Magnifying Glass
— Daniel Raveh
3. Moving Towards a Non-Dualistic Interpretation of Yoga: The Integration of Spirit (Purusha) and Matter (Prakriti) in the Yoga-Sutra
— Ian Whicher
4. Yoga-Sutras II.25 and the Conundrum of Kaivalya 
— Frederick M. Smith
5. Yoga’s Theism: A New Way of Understanding God 
— Gerald James Larson
Part Two
Issues in Interpreting the Vedanta Tradition
6. Advaita Vedanta Insights
— John Grimes
7. Shankara granthah katham otah protash ca? 
— Vidyasankar Sundaresan
8. Appaya Dikshita on Avidyanivrtti: A Critique in Siddhantaleshasangraha
— Jonathan Duquette, K. Ramasubramanian
9. The Gaudiya Challenge to Advaita Vedanta and Classical Yoga: Re-figuring Models of Embodiment and Personhood
— Barbara A. Holdrege
Part Three
Issues of Continuity and Compatibility
10. Sankarsha-kanda: A Victim in Mimamsa Madhyama-vyayoga
— Ashok Aklujkar
11. Linguistic and Cosmic Powers: The Concept of Shakti in the Philosophies of Bhartrhari and Abhinavagupta
— Sthaneshwar Timalsina
12. Freedom in the Bhagavad-Gita: An Analysis of Buddhi and Sattva Categories
— P. Pratap Kumar
Part Four
Issues of Narrative, Philosophical Discourse and Grammar
13. Forging the Fate of Karna: Observations on the Critical Edition of the Mahabharata
— Edeltraud Harzer
14. Truth and Power in Sanskrit Philosophical Discourse 
— David Peter Lawrence
15. Ramayana Notes III: The Past Active Participle 
— John Brockington
Part Five
Issues of Brahmanical Intellectuals, Ascetics and Renunciants
16. Some Notes on the Difficulties in Defining Intellectual Opponents in the Mahabharata
— Gregory Bailey
17. Renunciation and Celebration: Ascetics in the Temple Life of Medieval Tamil Nadu
— Leslie C. Orr
Part Six
Issues in Contemporary Hinduism: Environment, Non-violence, Gender,
Faith and Syncretism
18. Hinduism and the Environment: Then and Now
— Georges A. James
19. Earth, Water, and Dharmic Ecology: Perspectives from the Svadhyaya Practitioners
— Pankaj Jain
20. Technology, Violence, and Non-violence: A Gandhian Type of Response
—  Carl Olson
21. Reviewing Hinduism: Religion, Violence, and Non-Violence
— Madhav M. Deshpande
22. The Role of Government Education in the Lives of Females in Rural Chhattisgarh
— Ramdas Lamb
23. On Being Hindu: Some Autobiographical Reflections
— Acharya Vidyasagar V.V. Raman
24. Ziyaratu Darshanam: A South Indian Pilgrimage Beyond the Boundaries
— Afsar Mohammad
Appointments and Publications    

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