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Dear Colleagues,


I am writing to announce the commencement of a new three-year research
project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) that is to
be jointly held by Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh. It is


The Story of Story in Early South Asia: Character and Genre across Hindu,
Buddhist and Jain Narrative Traditions


It involves myself and Dr. Naomi Appleton and will focus on sources in
Sanskrit, Pali and, to a lesser extent, the Prakrits. Its aim is to explore
what shared literary characters can tell us about the religious history of
early South Asia. It will culminate in a jointly-authored book.


We have created a project blog (and twitter feed) not just because we are
craven digital opportunists, but also because dialogue (such as one finds on
this very list) is important to us and because we are painfully aware of the
scale of the challenge we have set ourselves. We have already posted
translations and comments on both specific papers and more general issues in
Indology and we plan to post more. We will also post source material and
other useful bits and bobs as the project proceeds. The twitter feed will be
used to keep interested parties up to date with events and publications
associated with the project. 


Please do subscribe to the blog, but, more than this, please offer comments
and guidance!


The blog may be found at
Twitter details are given on the blog.


With All Best Wishes,


James Hegarty

Cardiff University


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