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Dear List,
On behalf of Jean-Marie Verpoorten, I am looking for a copy of the following article by Tilmann Vetter:
"Die Funktion von Zentralsätzen der vedischen Offenbarung im System Sarvajñātmans", in Gerhard Oberhammer (ed.): Offenbarung, geistige Realität des Menschen. Arbeitsdokumentation eines Symposiums zum Offenbarungsbegriff in Indien. Vienna: Publication of the De Nobili Research Library No. 2 1974 [ / ], pp. 121-134
It is to be noted that a .pdf copy the article by F.X. D'Sa ("Offenbarung ohne einen Gott, Kumārilas Theorie der Worterkenntnis") in the same volume is available at:
Thank you for your help,

Christophe Vielle

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> dear Friends,
> It is with great sadness and shock that I pass along the news that Prof Tilmann Vetter passed away this morning quite suddenly. The funeral will be private. If you would like to send messages to Mrs Vetter, I can collect them and convey them to her (please send them to me privately if they are intended for her, and not to the list). 
> Jonathan Silk
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