Shree Narayana Mishra passed away

Mrinal Kaul mrinalkaul81 at GMAIL.COM
Sat Jan 19 20:01:17 UTC 2013

It is indeed sad to learn that *Professor Śrīnārāyaṇa Miśra* is no more. I
met him several times in Benaras and each time he astonished me with his
deepest insights of the critical Śāstric thinking. His polymathic
understanding of the Śāstric texts of almost all the disciplines in
Sanskrit was immensely beneficial for learning the methods of comprehending
the Sanskrit philosophical systems. But, alas, we have lost such a deeply
learned scholar. I was personally looking forward to learn something more
from him in near future, but am extremely shocked to know about his sad
demise. I do not know anything much about his life, but for those who knew
him I am herewith attaching his picture which I could somehow find in my
computer. May he be at peace.


Mrinal Kaul

On 3 January 2013 12:08, Viktoria Lyssenko <vglyssenko at> wrote:

> Dear colleagues, I have just found out that my teacher Shree Narayan
> Mishra, Professor Emeritus of Sanskrit, Benares Hindu University  passed
> away six months ago in Varanasi. What a great loss for India and for many
> European Indologists, whom he helped to understand Sanskrit texts! He was a
> real connoisseur of Indian philosophy. Although he was primarily a
> nayayika, we had read  Buddhist and Advaita texts and he always impressed
> me with his profound knowledge.This year I was going to read
>  Shantarakshita Tattva samgraha (Chapter on Pratyaksha) with him, I called
> him, as always to report my arrival and he was no more... I do not know
> what to do - tickets were bought, hotel booked in Varanasi, I got a leave
> from my work. But to whom and where could I go?
> Could anybody suggest me an English-speaking pandit (my Hindi is not good
> enough ) with whom I could read philosophical Sanskrit texts on perception?
> Preferably in Varanasi... I have to leave for India in a week.
> With hope,
> Victoria

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