Shree Narayana Mishra passed away

Viktoria Lyssenko vglyssenko at YANDEX.RU
Thu Jan 3 11:08:40 UTC 2013

Dear colleagues, I have just found out that my teacher Shree Narayan Mishra, Professor Emeritus of Sanskrit, Benares Hindu University  passed away six months ago in Varanasi. What a great loss for India and for many European Indologists, whom he helped to understand Sanskrit texts! He was a real connoisseur of Indian philosophy. Although he was primarily a nayayika, we had read  Buddhist and Advaita texts and he always impressed me with his profound knowledge.This year I was going to read  Shantarakshita Tattva samgraha (Chapter on Pratyaksha) with him, I called him, as always to report my arrival and he was no more... I do not know what to do - tickets were bought, hotel booked in Varanasi, I got a leave from my work. But to whom and where could I go? 
Could anybody suggest me an English-speaking pandit (my Hindi is not good enough ) with whom I could read philosophical Sanskrit texts on perception?
Preferably in Varanasi... I have to leave for India in a week.
With hope,

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