[INDOLOGY] Pandey's "Conception of a House in Atharvaveda"

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Yes, Arlo.  I have read the Bodewitz article, which is in fact where I
encountered the Pandey "Conception of a House in Atharvaveda" citation.

I have yet to see the Pandey article referenced in another source, and
potentially this is the reason why my ILL department couldn't find it:
perhaps it is cited incorrectly?  I noticed, for example, a similar
occurance in your and Bisschop's first asterisk from your "The pASupata
Observance," in which an article by Modak was cited by Dandekar as
pertaining to JKU(H) 9 when if fact the article was in JKU(H) 11.  I had
originally sent my ILL a request for the article in volume 9 per Dandekar's
citation, and then later after they had told me they couldn't obtain it, I
saw your asterisk with the correct volume.

Jarrod Whitaker also was interested in the Pandey article, and he mentioned
that he would try to request it via his ILL.  Maybe he or someone else will
have more luck?

See also: Renou, "La maison védique," Journal Asiatique 231 (1939) 481-504;
reprinted and translated into English as: "The Vedic House," RES
Anthropology and Aesthetics 34 (1998): 142-161.  The first few footnotes of
this article and its preface by MW Meister list other relevant sources.

Take care,


On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 6:45 AM, Arlo Griffiths
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> This reference had escaped me when I was writing on hymn 7.6 in my 2009
> book on kāṇḍas 6 and 7 of the Paippalādasaṃhitā. I too would be interested
> in a pdf.
> See also H.W. Bodewitz, "Atharvaveda Saṃhitā 3, 12: The Building of a
> House," ABORI Diamond Jubilee Volume (1977-78), 59-68.
> Best wishes,
> Arlo Griffiths
> EFEO/Jakarta
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> Subject: Re: [INDOLOGY] Pandey's "Conception of a House in Atharvaveda"
> I am very interested by this article too, and would be glad to receive the
> pdf also.
> Thanks in advance,
> F. Voegeli
> On 28 août 2013, at 13:33, Charlie Higgins <practicesyoga at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Does anyone have a pdf of this paper: Pandey, R.  "Conception of a House
> and Domestic Facilities in the Atharvaveda," MadhyabhAratI 3, no. 3 (1965):
> 14-18.
> My ILL department recently sent me an email back saying the article was
> unattainable, although I notice that numerous libraries possess the
> journal.  A pdf can be sent to: charlie_higgins at hotmail.com.
> Thank you!!
> Charlie
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