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Prof. B. V. Subbarayappa did a volume exactly along these lines, but
focussing on South Asian materials, in his 1985 book Indian Astronomy: A
Source Book Base Primarily on Sanskrit

Dominik Wujastyk

On 21 September 2012 11:44, Venetia Kotamraju <venetia.ansell at>wrote:

> Dear list,
> A publisher friend of mine is keen to publish an up-to-date and
> well-produced translation of several of Asia's most important mathematical
> texts including those from the Sanskrit tradition - please see his notes
> below for more information.  He is looking for experts on these texts from
> each of the different language traditions.
> If anyone would be interested in working with him on this project, please
> let me know and I will put you in touch with him.
> Best,
> Venetia
> The book would be something like an Asian mathematical prequel to *On the
> Shoulders of Giants<>
> ,* which is a collection of the important works (in their entirety, in
> English) of Newton, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Einstein  put together
> by Stephen Hawking. For the "Asian maths" version I was thinking it would
> be good to include, at least, Brahmagupta<>
> , Bhaskaracharya <>,
> Al-Khwarizmi<>,
> and Zhu Shijie <>; maybe a few
> more depending on the length of these; and market it similarly, as a sort
> of collector's edition aimed primarily at Asian math & science
> professionals.
> --
> Venetia Kotamraju
> +91 997230 5440

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