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The first picture looks like a board for what is known in
Bengal as the indoor game of ‘capturing the tiger’. Sometimes it is also called the ‘Mogul-Pathan’
game. The chesslike game is still popular in villages but not in the cities. It
is one of the dying indigenous pastimes. There are quite a few others, both outdoor
and indoor. Only Kabadi has got international recognition.

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Dear Colleagues, 

I am looking for some information about the two following questions : 
1) Does anyone know the origin of the Indonesian game Surakarta, beyond the evident fact that its name is related to the name of the city Surakarta ? 
2) When visiting Buddhist caves, one often finds peculiar drawings such as shown by the attached picture (attachment 3), from Nasik. Could it be the board of a game and is there any litterature about the games played by the Buddhist monks ? 

Thank you for your answer(s), 


Dr J.M.Delire, University of Brussels

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