etymology of the word 'DRAVIDA"

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Please see the DEDR entry

3080 Ta. tamir̤ Tamil language, the Tamils, the Tamil country; tamir̤aṉ a Tamilian. Ma. tamir̤ Tamil language. To. tobiḷ id. Ka. tamir̤a, tambar̤a id. Tu. tamuḷů, tamuḷu, tambuḷu Tamil. / Cf. Skt. draviḍa-, dramila-, drāviḍa-. DED 2508.


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To All,
         I would be benefitted if anybody can  enlighten me about the etymology of the word 'Dravida' as used in naming the race DRAVIDIAN.

 Thanking You                                          Yours faithfully
                                                          ALAKENDU DAS


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