Narmada and Narbada

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I agree. There is indeed a river a named Madā (25.204N 73.439E) in
Rajasthan near Sādaḍī/ṛī (सादड़ी). Does anyone on this list have more
details about this river? -- Thanks, Suresh.

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>  The major problem, of course, is that the Sanskrit form that we have is
> narmadā, not naramadā. So, to get the suggested derivation one would have
> do assume something like a folk etymology, either of original naramadā
> (syncopated?) as narmadā 'bestowing pleasure' or of original narmadā (with
> svarabhakti?) as naramadā 'pleasure of men' (there is supposed to be a
> river name madā).
>  Cheers,
>  HHH

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