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>> Betreff: [Ygg] Tenure-Track Position "Religions in Asia" in Rosalind Franklin
>> Fellowship Programme, University of Groningen
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>> Rosalind Franklin Fellowships at the University of Groningen
>> To promote the advancement of talented international researchers at the
>> highest levels of the institution, the University of Groningen has initiated
>> the prestigious Rosalind Franklin Fellowship programme. The ambitious
>> programme has been running since 2007 and financed thus far over sixty
>> fellowships. 
>> The Rosalind Franklin Fellowship programme is primarily directed at women in
>> academia or research institutes who have a PhD and aim for a career towards
>> full professorship in a European top research university. This fellowship is
>> an opportunity for talented junior scholars to advance their skills in
>> professional academic work, including supervision of doctoral research and
>> collaboration with leading institutes on an international scale. The position
>> is only awarded to outstanding researchers.
>> Successful candidates will be expected to establish an independent,
>> externally funded research programme in collaboration with colleagues at the
>> University of Groningen and elsewhere. They will also be expected to
>> participate in and contribute to the development of the teaching programme of
>> the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies.
>> Tenure-Track Position for "Religions in Asia"
>> The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies is looking for ambitious
>> candidates for a ³Religions in Asia² RFF tenure-track position. The
>> specialization is open, and candidates with expertise in Hinduism, Buddhism,
>> Daoism, Confucianism, or Shintoism are encouraged to apply.
>> The RFF will be integrated into the Department of Comparative and Historical
>> Study of Religion, which means that the scholar hired for this position will
>> collaborate with colleagues utilizing historical, sociological,
>> anthropological, and psychological approaches in the field of comparative
>> religion. The RFF will play an important role in the comparative study of
>> religion that the department (and the faculty in general) promotes and
>> preferably has a strong background in theoretical aspects of the study of
>> religion. Themes such as Orientalism/Occidentalism, post-colonialism,
>> globalization, and the links between religion and cultural processes in
>> Œentangled histories¹ are important dimensions of this position. Candidates
>> should have a specialization in one religious tradition, including its
>> language and history.
>> Regardless of the specialization, the RFF will be asked to give introductory
>> classes to Hinduism and Buddhism and to offer classes that address
>> contemporary issues of religions in Asia.
>> For more information, please see
>> http://www.rug.nl/ggw/vacatures/RosalindFranklin/index
>> Please forward this information to potential candidates. If you have any
>> question pertaining to this position, please do not hesitate to contact me.
>> Thank you for your consideration.
>> Kind regards,
>> Kocku von Stuckrad
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