Spho ṭatattvanirūpaṇa

Rohana Seneviratne rohana.seneviratne at ORINST.OX.AC.UK
Sat Mar 17 00:08:16 UTC 2012

Dear All,

I am desperately looking for the original Sanskrit text of the 
Sphoṭatattvanirūpaṇa of Śeṣakṛṣṇa (or Kṛṣṇaśeṣa) and just wondering any of 
you have come across it in the Internet as an e-Text or a scanned PDF or 
possess a copy of it. It will also be great if any of you could kindly give 
me even a hint at a location I could find it as an electronically 
transferable copy. 

Thank you in advance,

Best wishes
Rohana Seneviratne

The Oriental Institute
Faculty of Oriental Studies
University of Oxford
Pusey Lane

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