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Dear colleagues,

a new issue of the Journal of the International Association of Buddhist 
Studies just appeared.

JIABS 33/1-2 (2010 [2011]) contains four articles by William Chu, 
Vincent Eltschinger, Richard F. Nance and Alexander Wynne, as well as 
two themed sections, "Indian Buddhist metaethics", as well as "Miracles 
and superhuman powers in South and Southeast Asian traditions". Both 
sections gather contributions to panels at the XVth IABS Congress in 
Atlanta, June 23-28, 2008.

The table of contents is given below, as well as on the new JIABS 
website (

Please note that the new JIABS website offers access to all tables of 
contents, as well as to full article PDFS five years after their 
appearance in print.

Kindly direct subscription requests and other communication pertaining 
to subscriptions to the IABS treasurer (iabs.treasurer at

JIABS 33/1-2 (2010[2011])

The timing of Yogācāra resurgence in the Ming dynasty (1368–1643)
William Chu 	5-25

Ignorance, epistemology and soteriology - Part II
Vincent Eltschinger 	27-74

Tall tales, tathāgatas and truth - on the "privileged lie" in Indian 
Buddhist literature
Richard F. Nance 	75-101

The ātman and its negation - a conceptual and chronological analysis of 
early Buddhist thought
Alexander Wynne 	103-171

SECTION: Indian Buddhist metaethics

An analysis of factors related to the kusala/akusala quality of actions 
in the Pāli tradition
Peter Harvey 	175-209

Value pluralism in early Buddhist ethics
Abraham Vélez de Cea 	211-237

No self, no free will, no problem - Implications of the Anattalakkhaṇa 
Sutta for a perennial philosophical issue
Martin T. Adam 	239-265

Buddhist methaetics
Bronwyn Finnigan 	267-297

On the auspiciousness of compassionate violence
Stephen Jenkins 	299-331

What is it like to be a bodhisattva? Moral phenomenology in Śāntideva’s 
Jay L. Garfield 	333-357

Madhyamaka Buddhist ethics
Tom J. F. Tillemans 	359-378

SECTION: Miracles and superhuman powers in South and Southeast Asian 
Buddhist traditions

Miracles in Indian Buddhist narratives and doctrine
David V. Fiordalis 	381-408

The higher knowledges in the Pāli Nikāyas and Vinaya
Bradley S. Clough 	409-433

Priming the lamp of dhamma - The Buddha’s miracles in the Pāli Mahāvaṃsa
Kristin Scheible 	435-451

On saints and wizards - Ideals of human perfection and power in 
contemporary Burmese Buddhism
Patrick Pranke 	453-488

Buddhism, miraculous powers, and gender - Rethinking the stories of 
Theravāda nuns
Rachelle M. Scott 	489-511

On Buddhist wonders and wonder-working
Luis O. Gómez 	513-554


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