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By far the nicest utility I have seen is a macro for Word written by
Ferenc Ruzsa:
and to convert unicode devanagari to translit:

With a keyboard shortcut to these macros, I could select a block of
unicode transliteration and -- hey presto! -- have Devanagari.  (Of
course, if your original has the sort of word breaks usually used in
transliteration, these will have to be closed up first to avoid breaks
that look awkward in Devanagari.)

Unfortunately, as you know, I am now working on the same machine you do
(MacBook Air), and I have not yet succeeded in installing or testing these
macros in Word for Mac.  (The ebmp pages suggest it might work: ; see second bullet point under
Devanagari unicode.)

I also once downloaded a folder full of Perl scripts that purport to
convert various encodings to various other encodings in a single bound,
but being only semi-computer-savvy I never figured out how to run those.
Can anyone recommend a simple front-end utility for non-Perl-programmers?


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Lecturer in Religion and Law, School of Law
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On 3/26/12 10:26 AM, "Patrick Olivelle" <jpo at UTS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU> wrote:

>Dear All:
>Can you recommend a font/program which would allow a Sanskrit text to be
>typed in Roman and to be converted immediately to Devanagari? I have
>noted some such programs Developed in India. Thanks.
>Patrick Olivelle

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