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Just by coincidence, I found out today about a conference on Indo- 
Iranian onomastic, to be held in Vienna in May. The call for papers  
has been published here:

elisa freschi

Dr. Elisa Freschi
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Facoltà di Studi Orientali
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On 15/mar/12, at 06:31, Allen Thrasher wrote:

> One thing I have never seen investigated but which ought to be is  
> the habit of giving teachers and other prominent persons informal  
> nicknames, one which seems to go back quite a ways. E.g. KaNAda,  
> "particle eater" for the founder of VaiZeSika - though he may be  
> mythical, or BhagavatpAda for AdiZankarAcArya, or in modern times  
> Lokamanya Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi.
> One factor at work in onomastics in classical Sanskrit is the  
> attitude, perhaps originating in the needs of verse, that one may  
> take any compound word and substitute any synonym of either or both  
> members without loss of meaning, metris causa or for elegant  
> variation, something which may be applied to proper names of people  
> and places as well as to common nouns or adjectives.
> Allen

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