International Journal of Tantric Studies (IJTS) vol. 8, n. 1 (June 22, 2012)

Enrica Garzilli garzilli at ASIATICA.ORG
Fri Jun 22 19:29:48 UTC 2012

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am happy to announce that we have just published the International 
Journal of Tantric Studies (IJTS) vol. 8, n. 1.

In this issue
Papers: “The “Scandalous” Tantric Hymn to Kālī Karpūrādi-stotra: an 
Expurgated Translation”, by Dr. John R. Dupuche; “China Shadows and 
Tibet Flames: The “Policy of Immolations” and Future Scenarios”,  by 
Piero Verni (freely accessible).

Abstract: “The “Scandalous” Tantric Hymn to Kālī Karpūrādi-stotra: An 
Expurgated Translation, by John R. Dupuche

Through his Tantrik Texts Series (1913-1940) Sir John Woodroffe 
initiated modern Western studies of the tantras. However, his 1922 
translation of the Karpūrādi-stotra reveals how much he and his 
collaborators felt constrained to purge the scandalous aspects from the 
text. It is seriously flawed, and yet still commonly used. This article 
describes the rather complex story of the editions and commentaries on 
the stotra, together with some suggestions on date and authorship. It 
then provides an unexpurgated translation of the Karpūrādi-stotra along 
with the Sanskrit text. Lastly, it provides a short commentary on the 
structure of the text and its purpose.
A question arises: if Woodroffe had to conceal essential elements of the 
Karpūrādi-stotra, how reliable are the other translations and 
commentaries in his Tantrik Texts Series?

Dr. Enrica Garzilli

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