Vedic references to Equinoxes, Solstices and Season changes?

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For a short overview of the minimal Vedic evidence, see the article on
naksatras in the Vedic Index of Macdonell and Keith.


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> On 2012/01/26, at 14:14, Dean Michael Anderson wrote:
> Can anyone please point me to references in the texts from the Vedic
> period to Equinoxes, Solstices and Season changes?
> The saṃhitā does not provide explicit formulation with regard to the
> equinoxes and solstices, although there are scanty references to the
> seasons. The details are given in Vedāṅga-jyotiṣa which comes in rc and
> yajur recensions, although according to Pingree this work could be quite
> late (c 400 BC). You shall find discussion on this topic in the following
> works:
> Kuppanna Sastry, T S, K V Sarma, and Lagadha. 1985.* Vedāṅga Jyotiṣa of
> Lagadha in Its Rk and Yajus Recension.* New Delhi: Indian National
> Science Academy.
> Pingree, David. 1981.* Jyotiḥśāstra : Astral and Mathematical Literature.* Wiesbaden:
> Harrassowitz. 8-10.
> Subbarayappa, B V. 2008.* The Tradition of Astronomy in India :
> Jyotiḥśāstra.* New Delhi : Coronet Books Inc.
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