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Thanks to Dr. Rajam for mentioning the collection of the EFEO in Pondicherry (which has now been entirely digitised: see p.2 of

The larger collection of the French Institute of Pondicherry should also be mentioned in this regard (

Dominic Goodall
École française d'Extrême-Orient, Paris

(Blog of Pondicherry Centre of the EFEO:

On 20-Jan-2012, at 6:21 PM, rajam wrote:

> In addition ... the École Française d'Extrême-Orient at Pondicherry in India has an excellent collection of manuscripts.
> Dominic Goodall was its Director for more than a decade, I think. John-Luc Chevillard is a permanent scholar there, but occasional visitor I suppose. If I'm wrong about this information, please pardon me and correct me.
> The point is ... that both Dominic Goodall and John-Luc Chevillard can update this forum about their wonderful, excellent, library in Pondicherry. I was there during the Summer months last year. I'm planning to return to that place as soon as I can this year! :-) 
> Thanks and regards,
> Rajam
> On Jan 20, 2012, at 8:02 AM, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:
>> Prof. Kataoka has been putting together a very nice graphical key to MS libraries in India:
>> DW

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