Devanagari newsgroup?

Robert A. Hueckstedt rah2k at CMS.MAIL.VIRGINIA.EDU
Sun Jan 1 15:50:34 UTC 2012

I have a little problem with a ligature, if that's the proper term, while 
composing in Devanagari via xeLaTeX. I remember someone mentioning there was 
a newsgroup devoted exclusively to Devanagari composition questions, but I 
have not been successful in finding it. Can anyone direct me?

Bob Hueckstedt

PS: If you're interested, the problem has to do with j~na. It comes out fine 
in regular text, but it does not come out fine in footnotes.

Here's a sample file:



{\dn j~nAna}\footnote{The meaning of this is {\dn j~nAna}.} {\dn vidyA}

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