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Dear Jean-Luc,
I fail to see the relevance of your "bold" question. The fact is, I  
think, that fewer and fewer students want to take up Indian,  
especially classical Indian studies on a graduate level, since the  
job market is very restricted. It doesn't matter into which category  
the students happen to fall. Another sad fact is that more and more  
universities are into the numbers' game, i.e. the administrative  
authorities want to see large(r) classes, even on a graduate level. I  
believe that is what Dominik is

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On 25-Sep-11, at 3:04 PM, Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD wrote:

> Dear Dominik,
> since this is a very bold statement,
> let me ask one bold question:
> When you say "students", are you thinking of:
> *A* indian students (who have had their primary education in India)?
> Or are you thinking of non-indian students,
> *B* who have had their primary education in Europe, in the USA, in  
> Canada, etc and
> *C* some of whom might come from Indian migrant communities.
> A, B and C
> all have VERY different requirements
> and it is important to think about the resemblances and the  
> differences
> in what they might expect from "guides" or from "compagnons de route"
> (i.e. fellow researchers, having some seniority ;-)
> Cheers
> -- Jean-Luc (currently in Paris)
> On 25/09/2011 20:31, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:
>> In a blog, a colleague suggested that in this INDOLOGY forum most  
>> of us would not be willing to say publicly that we are looking for  
>> students (at the MA or PhD level, for example).
>> Is this true?
>> Best,
>> Dominik

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