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Query from Michael LaVigne (artist), who is working on a mural that
incorporates Indian themes.

Replies to the Mike LaVigne (Mr Spaceman), please.

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Date: 11 September 2011 17:43
Subject: Seeking Devanagari-Sanskrit research assistant
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Dear Indology,

I'm seeking a research assistant to hire to help find texts written in
Devanagari-Sanskrit. I'm hoping you can direct me to someone who may be
willing to help, or provide a suggestion of how I might find someone.

These are the texts:
*1. Dharmacakra Pravartana Sūtra, *Saṃyukta Āgama edition
*2. Chandogya-Upanisad,* chapter 7.26.2

In addition to these, I'm looking for texts that are examples of
non-Buddhist antecedents to the Buddhist concepts of Kleśā and The Four
Noble Truths.

This research would be paid for, and informs the creation of a piece of
artwork in respect to these topics.

Finding these texts has been a considerable struggle for me over the past
many months, and any leads you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Mike LaVigne

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