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LC has a MS of a  Marathi TIkA on the Sanskrit ZukASTaka.  There is an incomplete online catalog record of this, based on the entry in a card file  of MSS acquired in 1941, presumably prepared by the unknown collector-dealer, which record can be seen at < > (there are some inaccuracies in the transcription).  The ZukASTaka mula in Sanskrit is the same work as published in 1992 with Sanskrit commentary BhAnuprabhA by GaGgAdharendrasarasvatI (18th c.)  and Sanskrit notes by SuryanArAyaNanAgendra BhaTTa < >.

The MS attributes the tIkA to Jnanadeva "by the grace of NivRtti," who was his elder brother and guru.

The following is in Harvard-Kyoto romanization.  AnusvAra in both Sanskrit and Marathi is represented by M rather than by tilde, as the ALA-LC system would require in Marathi.

T.p.:  AthaZukASTakaTIkAprArambhaH
Beginning:  ZrIgaNeZAya namaH Zuka uvAca
Mula begins:  BhedAbhedau sapadi galitau… Ends (vs. 9): Satyasatya [sic] paramamamrtaM…
No introductory title.  TIkA begins: JayAcabhedAbhedagaLAlA ZabdabrahIbuDAlA sakaLbrahmavodha[sic]ALA niZcayASI 1
TIKA ends: JosaMsAratApe atisaMtapta sAdhanacatuSTayasaMyukta tayAsiguruprasAdevastuprApta ZukASTakakAvye 39.
Final colophon: Iti ZrIsukendraviracitaM nirguNASTaka nivRttiprasAdena jJAnadeveZvaraviracitaM saTIkAstotraM sampUrNam / ZrIkRSNArpaNam astu // //

There are nine verses rather than the 8 implied by the title, since vs. 9 is a phalaZruti for reciting it.

No such work is mentioned in Jñāneśvara, vyakti āṇi kāvya-lekhanavishayaka sūcī / saṅkalana, Śaśikānta Bhagata, Kr̥ttikā Dhāmaṇakara., which seems to be the only bibliography of editions and studies of the poet.  Also, as far as I can tell there is no "complete works" of Jnanadeva in LC's collection in which I might search this, just editions of individual works such as the JJAneZvarI.

Tulpule's Classical Marathi Literature, p. 357, mentions a ZukASTaka among "philosophical versified monographs" by Ekanatha, others of which have the same titles as well-known Sanskrit works such as HastAmalaka, and which I therefore suspect are either translations or Marathi commentaries, though Tulpule does not say this.  These works are according to note 245 on the same page included at the end of the EkanAthI BhAgavata, ed. Jog and Deshmukh, which LC does not have.  I have paged a bibliography or two of Ekanatha from remote storage.

On p. 330 no. 108 Tulpule says that Pethe discusses apocryphal works attributed to Jnanadeva in his JJAneZvara navadarZana, p. 1977, which LC also is lacking, and articles by A. K. Priolkar and K. V. Apte in Marathi samZodhana patrikA, vols. 6 and 19, which vols. I have requested from remote storage.

Is anyone already familiar with a 39 verse Marathi tIkA on the ZukASTaka, and if so, is there any scholarship securely assigning the authorship?

Please feel free to forward to whomever might be interested or knowledgeable.

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