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Dear Colleagues,

Regarding the debate generated on dating I strongly disapprove of chauvinism but cannot deny the xiatence of animosity
between Western and Indian Indologists as an unwelcome and unfortunate reality. Indian Indology began with Raja Ram Mohan
Roy but gained visibility in the West later. In the early twentieth century and
in the heyday of the nationalist movement one read the frequent admonition of the
“misplaced patriotism” of Indian Indologists.  Such admonition continued throughout the century
and after. The following is from Mare 31, Leids Universitair Weekbald, 23 mei,
2002, Pagina 11, Column 4, Paragraph 2:
“ Het politike
klimaat in India stimuleert geen kritische houding in de wetenschap die de
eigen cultuur bestudeert. Zodra een westerse wetenschapper beweert dat iets
misschien toch welhondered jaar ouder is dan gedacht werd, dan wordt dat gelijk
geciteerd. Maar als je zegt dat iets duizend jaar minder oud is, dan wordt je
gelijk verketterd, en wordt je ontdekking genegeend.” 

Apparently the speaker has not heard of S. K. Chatterji, B. M.
Barua, H. C. Raychaudhuri, R. C. Majumdar, B. K. Ghosh, R. G. Bhandarkar and scores
of other Indologists who tried to be accurate about the date and/or
authenticity of texts. The speaker also misses the universality of the
phenomenon. The Piltdown man was a ‘westers’ affair. I also remember (I shall
have to find out the exact reference) Keith’s strong disapproval of any attempt
to place Homer after 800 BC. 
Can’t we get rid of such heedless attitude/pronouncements?



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