Dancing Shiva tympanum--Correction

Jo jkirk at SPRO.NET
Wed Oct 5 17:40:43 UTC 2011

Correction: this item was part of an exhibit at the Guimet in 2005, as its
caption states.



I see this is not from Khuong My-Guimet says it is from Phong Li.


(There is a similar one in photo stockimages based on a holding of the
DaNang museum)


http://www.onasia.com/system/preview.aspx?pvp=wal0002411.48  ---this
artifact is in the Guimet- if you search for this as in the DaNang museum
this is the only one you get noted as a tympanum.


Best wishes

Joanna Kirkpatrick



Maybe this new book could help:


It has just appeared noted on another list, as follows: The Cham book is
listed on Amazon as a publication of the University of Hawaii Press at $223.
However, the University of Hawaii Press offers it directly for only
$32-sales restricted to the U.S., its dependencies, Canada, and Mexico.

_The Cham of Vietnam: History, Society, and Art_
Editora: Lockhart, Bruce; Tran Ky Phuong;
The Cham people once inhabited and ruled over a large stretch of what is now
the central Vietnamese coast. Their Indianized civilization flourished for
centuries, and they competed with the Vietnamese and Khmers for influence in
mainland Southeast Asia. This book brings together a collection of essays on
the Cham by specialists from the fields of history, archaeology,
anthropology, art history, and linguistics. It presents a revisionist
overview of Cham history and a detailed study of the various ways in which
the Cham have been studied by different generations of scholars, as well as
chapters on specific aspects of the Cham past. Several pieces focus on
recent archaeological work in central Vietnam that positions recent
discoveries within the broader framework of Cham history.
The book provides a synthesis of work by scholars during the French colonial
period and more recent understandings of what "Champa" represented over the
centuries of its history. The information presented here is important not
only for researchers studying Champa and Vietnam but also for anyone seeking
to understand the broader dynamic of Southeast Asian history.


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In addition to my previous mail: The article has already been promised to me
by some of the colleagues. So it is only the Khuong-my image from Da Nang
that I need.

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