xindy style file for Sanskrit?

Daniel Stender daniel at DANIELSTENDER.COM
Tue Oct 4 07:16:46 UTC 2011

Prof. Hayes,

a Devanagari module for Xindy has been created by Zdeněk Wagner, Anshuman Pandey, and Jaya
Saraswati. Please cf.

Daniel Stender

On 04.10.2011 00:22, Richard Hayes wrote:
> Colleagues, I have a need to generate a Sanskrit index for a piece written in xeLaTeX, and am assuming at least one of you has already written an xdy style file for the xindy index generator that would sort the entries in Sanskrit dictionary order. I have looked for such a file in all the usual places without success. I am aware of Yasuhiro Okazaki's SktSortKey program and will use it if necessary, but I thought it might be worth asking whether a sanskrit.xdy file is out there somewhere.
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> University of New Mexico

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