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Dear Colleague,

In 1991 consequent to the lapse of 50 years after his death the
copyright of Tagore’s works would have ceased to exist. The law was changed to increase
it by 10 years. It was not further increased after 2001. 

While publishing an
early nineteenth century engraving in a London journal I enquired about the
copyright laws in the U.K. The information that the copyright existed for 70
years after the author’s death came with the remark that it was more stringent
in the U.K. than in India. 

If the thing is archived, a picture and, inferably,
the exact get up of the book come under permanent copyright rules both in the
U.K. and in India. As far as I know there is no law prohibiting modified
versions even of archived single-copy books.



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Hi Dominik, 
I had a discussion recently with an ex copyright lawyer here in Bangalore and based on that and reading a little about it on the internet (for instance the Wikipedia article on Indian copyright law here: that would be my guess but it would be best to get a proper legal opinion on this.
Incidentally, I asked whether textual/critical editions are copyrighted and in that connection my contact here noted that a recent change in Indian copyright law in 2007 means that creativity and originality are given more weightage than they used to be - it used to be based more on 'sweat of the brow'.

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Dear Venetia,
>Have you got a reference for that?
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>On 7 November 2011 05:45, venetia ansell <venetia.ansell at> wrote:
>Dear Anthony,
>>My limited understanding of Indian copyright law is that copyright expires either sixty years after the death of the author or sixty years after the publication of a work if it is published posthumously or if it is a photograph. 
>>So it would seem to be fine to re-use by either reckoning.
>>On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 3:05 AM, A.Cerulli <acerulli at> wrote:
>>Dear Colleagues, I am trying to check on permissions for an image (a black & white drawing) I'd like to reprint that came out in an edition of the Caraka Samhita with Shri Venkateshwar Press in 1898.  
>>> I wrote to the press using an online contact form at the Khemraj Shrikrishnadass website, but received no response.  
>>>Does anyone on the list have a contact at this press who might be able to help me?
>>>Also, re copyright laws, does anyone know if after a certain number of years an image in a book becomes part of the public domain? 
>>>Thanks in advance for your assistance.
>>>All the best,
>>>Anthony Cerulli
>>>Hobart & William Smith Colleges
>>Venetia Ansell
>>Bangalore | India


Venetia Ansell
Bangalore | India 

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