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The GAU collection is a join of the MSS assembled by Prof. P. M.
Mehta<>as part of the
GAU Caraka
edition and translation
<>project (6 vols, 1949),
and the collection of Jivarāma Kālidāsa Śāstrī of
the Rasaśāstrauṣdahālaya in Gondal (=Śrī Bhuvaneśvarī pīṭha), that was
catalogued in 1960 (Biswas entry 0349, Janert ABC entry 102) and later sold
by Jivarāma's son Ghanashyamji to the Government of Gujarat and relocated
to GAU at Jamnagar.

Not everything has been digitized, but mainly items on ayurveda and

The interface is pretty awful, and the staff at GAU know this and are
actively working on an update.


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