Call for Papers: International Journal of Tantric Studies (IJTS)

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Call for Papers: International Journal of Tantric Studies (IJTS)

We are seeking academics and bona fide scholars to write and submit finished
papers and review papers to our scholarly online publication (established
1995), the *International Journal of Tantric Studies* The IJTS is open to all bona fide scholars in
Hindu and Buddhist Tantric and Tantra-related studies, translations and
translators in Sanskrit, Bengali, Vernacular, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese,
etc. We are looking for articles that engage any aspect of this broad theme.

Before submitting your paper / paper review, please read our Submission
Guidelines: We plan to publish all the
IJTS papers in hard copy shortly. Depending on the next issue, hopefully by
the end of the year.

*IJTS editors: Enrica Garzilli (Editor-in-Chief), Michael Witzel* (Managing
Editor), *Roberto Donatoni, Minoru Hara, David N. Lorenzen*, *Benjamin
Prejado*, *Michael Rabe, Debabrata Sensharma*, *Karel van Kooij*.
Latest papers:  “Beyond The Hindu Frontier. Jaina-Vaiṣṇava Syncretism In The
Gujarātī Diaspora (part I & part II)” by Peter Flügel; “The Conservative
Character of Tantra: Secrecy, Sacrifice and This-Worldly Power in Bengali
Śākta Tantra” by Hugh B. Urban; “Traditions in Transition: Meditative
Concepts in the Development of Tantric Sādhana” by Stuart R. Sarbacker; “The
Realm of the Divine: Three MaNDalas from the NiSpannayogAvalI” by Terence M.
Hays; “Magically Storming the Gates of Buddhahood: Extensible Text
Technology (XML/XSLT) as a Simulacrum for Research” by John Robert Gardner;
“Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. Gopinath Kaviraj, My Teacher: As I Saw Him” by
Debabrata Sensharma; “Philosophie de l'akula-kula selon les écoles des
kaulas du Tantrisme de l'Inde” by Dominique Boubouleix; “Review Paper: The
Mythology of BrahmA” by Paolo Magnone; “Sexual Imagery on the
"Phantasmagorical Castles" at Khajuraho” by Michael Rabe; “Computer Space:
The New Nina fonts and Macros” by Ludovico Magnocavallo; “Tantra and Dharma
Teachers from Kashmir in Nepal” by Michael Witzel; “Computer Space: Typing
Devanagari on a Standard Keyboard” by Derick Miller ; “Computer Space” by
Ludovico Magnocavallo; “The Unique Position of the Spanda School Among the
Others of the Trika System of Kazmir” by Enrica Garzilli.

Send proposals to Enrica Garzilli: garzilli at

Dr Enrica Garzilli

Asiatica Association, IJTS & JSAWS

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